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Pricing For a Custom Designed House Plan*
Size1 Story2 Stories
Under 1000 square feet$1,200$1,500
1000 - 1699 square feet$1,500$1,700
1700 - 2399 square feet$1,700$1,900
2400 - 2999 square feet$2,100$2,300
3000 - 3499 square feet$2,300$2,900
3500 - 3999 square feet$2,700$3,500
Over 4000 square feet$0.75 - $1.25 per sq. ft.
Additional items:
3d Color Renderingsadd 10%
Walkout/ daylight basementadd 10%


Prices shown here are estimates based on typical projects. Please contact us for a free quote.

Prices are for slab, crawlspace or basement foundation.

Prices may be slightly higher in California.

See our Frequently asked questions for more information.

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