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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes you different from other garage plan sites?

    There are several things that make our site (and what we provide) different than the other garage plan sites including:
    1. Your plans will be custom-designed to fit you perfectly.
    2. Your plans will be designed to meet your local building codes.
    3. You can take ideas from several of our plans and have us combine them into the perfect plan for you.
    4. Free quote for our design services.
    5. Flat fee pricing.
  2. If I hire you to custom-design a plan, how do I know I will like the design?

    Our design service includes unlimited revisions for a flat fee. This means that we'll modify the design as many times as necessary until it is exactly what you want.
  3. How much do your services cost?

    Click here for a free quote or visit our pricing page for general pricing information.
  4. I like a plan that I found on another website. Can you work from that?

    Copying another persons plan without permission would violate their copyright. However, if send me several plans that you like, we can see what styles you like and design a custom plan for you.
  5. What is included in your construction plans?

    1. Foundation plan showing the foundation walls, posts, footings, bearing walls and slab.
    2. Floor plans showing the layout of each floor with all applicable notes and dimensions.
    3. Exterior elevations of the front, rear and sides of the garage showing roof lines, exterior details and basic finishes.
    4. Sections and Details showing the construction of a typical exterior wall, cross section through the structure at a strategic point, and miscellaneous details as needed.
    5. Framing Plans showing the framing for each floor including beams, joists girders, headers, etc. (this plan may be included on the floorplans if there is enough space).
    6. Electrical Plan (optional) Showing the location of outlets, lighting and switches.
    7. Mechanical Plan (optional) Showing the location of HVAC equipment, registers, vents and returns.
    If you need somethign that isn't included in this list, please let us know and we will see if we can provide it for you.
  6. Do you provide electrical or mechanical plans?

    Our standard pricing does not include these but they can be added for a small fee.
  7. What if I already have my design and just need construction drawings?

    If you already have a rough design of your garage and just need construction drawings, just send us your drawings and we'll do the rest. Even if you have just a rough sketch, we can help you finalize the design and turn it into a working blueprint.
  8. Will my plans contain all of the information needed by my local building department?

    Your plans will be designed to meet the requirements of the building code that is enforced in your area. Many states, counties, subdivisions have their own set of regulations and codes that we will address to the best of our ability. If additional drawings are required there may be additional fees. If you are not sure what is required it is recommended that you contact your local building department. We do not have access to your zoning information so it is your responsibility to know what size plan can be built on your lot.
  9. Will my plans have the seal of an architect or engineer?

    No, in most areas it is not required however some cities and states require that an architect or engineer, licensed by your state, review, provide calculations, additional drawings and include their seal on your drawings. We do not provide this service however we can provide to you all of the cad files for your engineer or architect to work from. Please consult your local building official for specific requirements in your area.
  10. Are the Plans Copyrighted?

    The plans are copyrighted by the designer. Because we designed the plan with you, you are a part owner of the plan and can make as many copies as you like. The purpose of the copyright is to keep other designers, architects and builders from duplicating the plan.
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